Google Maps

Google Maps is Google‘s web-based mapping application. It plays an important role in local SEO as the three top local search results will appear in the Map Pack in local SERPs.

Structured Data

Structured data is on-page markup that is used to understand pieces of information used in web page content. Structured data allows you to annotate content to denote the context behind contact information, biographical information, company data or product data. Search engines are able to read this markup and better understand the relationship between and context behind the annotated data. Structured data is an important part of using the semantic web for SEO.

Structured data requires a taxonomy that search engines can understand – The most common way of adding schemas to pages is through JSON-LD code.

Cost per mille

Cost per mille refers to the price paid to get an ad shown to 1,000 people. CPM can refer to a pricing model and bidding strategy, or a calculated benchmark to determine the relative cost of an ad campaign.

The CPM model differs from the PPC model in that an advertiser pays every time an ad is loaded, regardless if it is clicked or not.


AdSense is Google‘s advertising platform for publishers. AdSense allows website owners and publishers to monetize their websites by placing text, banner, video and rich media ads on their pages. AdSense supports PPC and CPM strategies.

While AdSense can be an effective revenue source for publishers, ad placement is a Google ranking factor. Too much AdSense, especially above the fold, makes a page look low quality and can result in lowered search rankings. Egregious abuse can result in harsh algorithmic and manual Google penalties.


Return on investment

ROI is the measurement of the efficiency of an investment. It’s a way to evaluate how profitable your business and marketing activities are. It is calculated by dividing profit by cost. Or, as a formula: ROI = (revenue-cost)/cost. It is usually expressed as a percentage.

Document type declaration

An instruction that associates a web page with a document type definition. Doctype helps browsers determine how to load the page. It is not a ranking factor.


HyperText Transfer Protocol is used by the World Wide Web to determine how messages are formatted and communicated. The protocol also instructs web servers and browsers with various commands on how they should respond to the data sent.


A technology that encrypts the connection between a server and a browser. It’s what allows websites and browsers to securely send payment, login and other personal information. Google sees HTTPS in URLs as a positive ranking signal.

404 Error

A 404 error occurs when your server returns a real page for a URL that doesn’t actually exist on your site.